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Modified Storm Operations

Thank you for choosing Capital Aeroporter Airport Shuttle. The safety of our customers and staff is very important to us. Our office/airport staff and drivers are working long hours to provide the best service possible during these difficult travel conditions. Please read the following information regarding our modified or restricted services and operations during inclement weather and hazardous road conditions. Available Pickup and Dropoff Locations during the Winter Weather and Poor Road Conditions will follow:

SERVICE UPDATE as of Friday, February 12, 2021

We are currently operating our full Door-to-Door Services and Scheduled Services – with the following restrictions: Current Restrictions – Drivers will NOT be permitted to drive on any unplowed/uncleared surface, including driveways or unplowed side streets. Customers will be picked up/dropped off on street at or near their address. If conditions are deemed unsafe (by driver/customer) at dropoff address, for customers arriving back home, drivers will provide transportation to the nearest open hotel or lodging facility. Further restrictions will be placed into effect when the weather and road conditions deteriorate. At that time, we will modify our service to Restricted Snow-Route Locations.

National Weather Service – Winter Weather Advisory
Numerous vehicles and drivers may experience difficulties losing traction on all slippery surfaces during any Winter Weather Event. Although the main roads are cleared in some areas, many secondary streets, side streets, neighborhoods, driveways and parking lots remain unplowed and unsafe. If you do not or have not used our service with a prepaid reservation during modified services, we will fully refund you. Thank you for your continued concern for Safety along with Patience and Understanding throughout any Winter Weather or Hazardous Event. We apologize for any inconvenience experienced as a result of the conditions.

For Trips TO SEA-TAC:

  • For NEW reservations to the airport, please book online via one of the available locations listed below. Although Door-to-Door Reservations may currently be available, we may need to modify and limit our services to designated hotel locations, due to changes in road or weather conditions
  • For EXISTING reservations, we will pick you up according to your reservation – unless we contact you via text, email or phone with an adjusted pickup location and/or time. Please be prepared for necessary pickup location and time adjustments – with short notice and unusual routing, in order to get customers to the airport with enough time to meet their scheduled flight departure times. Although we are constantly monitoring the weather, traffic and roads, conditions will, at times, create situations beyond our control. We will not be liable for late pickups or missed flights due to the weather and road conditions. However, we will issue a full refund if we are unable to pick up reserved pre-paid passengers, if pre-paid passengers are unable to use the reserved service, or for cancellations during these disrupted travel conditions. We are adding extra time for pickups to allow more time to get you to the airport. Your patience is appreciated as unforeseen delays may be experienced due to the current travel conditions.
  • Your email or text confirmation will include a link to verify any updated pickup location and pickup time. Our phone lines are very busy during this time so online confirmation or email is best, unless an urgent need with flight change or cancellation is necessary.


  • When weather deteriorates, current services may be limited or modified to local hotel stops (listed below) along the I-5, I-90, or I-405 corridor to ensure the safety and well-being our customers and staff. Again, our drivers are working long hours and enduring modified routes with long traffic backups. We may inform you at check-in of our current services modification, but will try to reach you by text, email or phone, if your reservation needs modification. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If road and traffic conditions are deemed unsafe or degrade there may be additional vehicle transfers or unusual routing to accommodate all reserved customers. If your dropoff is modified, your reservation will be credited according to our rates/fares for that location. If you do not use our service for this reservation – we will fully refund you.
  • We highly recommend advance reservations from the airport. Advance reservations will be accommodated first, and if we have the capacity, we will accept walk-on reservations.
  • New walk-up reservations will be asked to select the most practical location when booking your ride or checking in at our Seatac Customer Service Counter We may inform you at check-in of our current services modification, but will try to reach you by text, email or phone, if your reservation needs modification. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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