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Book Online and Save Up to 10% Off Full Fare* Students, Seniors, Military and Airline Employees receive additional $5 Off

* = Savings based off and compared to full fare - over the phone booking with a live customer service agent. Maximum for ALL Total Discounts Up to and will not exceed 15% Off Combined Compared to Full Live-Agent Booked Over the Phone Fare

Student Discounts

Students will save on their fare from University of Washington (UW), University of Puget Sound (UPS), Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), Seattle University (SU), Seattle Pacific University (SMU), Saint Martin University (SMU), and The Evergreen State College (TESC) and ALL other University or College campuses for SEA Airport transportation.

Senior Discounts

Customers that are 62 years or older at the time of travel, qualify for our Senior discounted fares from all locations.

Military Discounts

Active duty Military Personnel, with proof of ID, qualify for our military discounted fares from all locations.

Travel Agent Discount

Travel Agents can qualify for our travel agent discounted fares, up to 10% from all locations with a direct billing account.

Airline Employee Discount

Airline Employees, with company ID, qualify for our airline employee discounted fares from all locations.

Child Discount

All children ages 11 and under, traveling with at least one full fare (adult) per child, will be charged the additional passenger fare that ranges from at least $5.

Frequent Rider Program

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